About Us


Analogue and RFIC design at the outer edge of all electronic products. Whether it be a sensor interface, a radio standard transceiver, a power management and conditioning solution or even the PLL of a clock generation circuit for a processor,  analogue and RF circuits are critical to all integrated circuits. Over 25 years delivering performance circuits for real world solutions. 

We also  specialize in CMOS. Our team includes experts on CMOS PA design who have delivered World beating CMOS PA solutions to the cellular and IoT markets. With CMOS you can be secure in the knowledge that you have a well controlled mass production process and that you are not at the mercy of some boutique fab. 

Our Inception

AnalogueSmith (S) Pte. Ltd. was  established November 2017 

Our Other Specialized areas


Antenna • Battery • Communications systems • Baseband digital chip architecture • Firmware

Our Team


Malcolm H. Smith, Ph.D., (Founder & President)

More than 27 years post Ph.D. industrial experience in wide range of areas • 3+ years at Matsushita (renamed Panasonic) in Japan designing analogue circuits for sensors • 22+ years cellular and other radio experience in the US at Bell Labs, Intel, Amalfi Semiconductor and RFMD • 6+ years independent consultant working Worldwide for clients including MediaTek, HiSilicon (Huawei) and Google • Over 40 patents issued for circuit, system and architecture inventions.