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Analogue and RF integrated circuit design for IoT Sensor Nodes

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Analogue and RFIC Design Experts

Analogue and RFIC design sits at the outer edge of all electronic products. Whether it be a sensor interface, a radio standard transceiver, a power management and conditioning solution or even the PLL of a clock generation circuit for a processor,  analogue and RF circuits are critical to all integrated circuits. At AnalogueSmith we have over 25 years delivering performance circuits for real world solutions.

Why Are We Different?

Beyond the circuit design of mixed-signal, analogue and RFIC blocks, AnalogueSmith is able to offer the system and architecture support you need to get your desired solutions together. We have experts in RF system and top level architecture design with multiple years experience specifying and implementing transceiver architectures for cellular and connectivity radios. This combination of system and architecture technology support tightly bound up with the circuit design is unique and makes us stand out from the competition.

CMOS Specialization

We specialize in CMOS. Our team includes experts on CMOS PA design who have delivered World beating CMOS PA solutions to the cellular and IoT markets. With CMOS you can be secure in the knowledge that you have a well controlled mass production process and that you are not at the mercy of some boutique fab.


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